Burleigh Commission Replay 12/16/19

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Call Meeting to Order 00:00:06

Roll Call 00:00:15

Approval of Meeting Minutes & Bills 00:00:33

Emergency Manager Mary Senger 00:01:03

regarding 2020 budgetary request to equip new facility

Social Services Director Osadchuk 00:02:36

regarding approval of Social Services 2020 Budget

Sheriff Leben 00:04:01

regarding drone purchase from Burleigh County Asset Forfeiture Fund

Courthouse Facility Grant 00:06:26

HR Director Terras 00:07:26

Update on Finance Director Position

HR Director Terras 00:08:08

Discussion regarding interim pay for positions in Auditor/Treasurer/Tax office

Other Business 00:14:15

Public Comments

Other Business 00:36:45

Discussion on 1st floor conference room TV for meeting room overflow purposes

Other Business 00:39:06

Board Appointments

Consent Agenda 00:40:14

Adjourn 00:41:48

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