Bismarck School Board Replay 2/12/18

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Call Meeting to Order 00:00:06

Roll Call 00:00:16

BPS Mission and Vision 00:00:34

BPS Mission: "All students will have the academic, social, and personal skills to be college, career, and community ready." BPS Vision: "Together, we inspire a passion for learning, discovery, and excellence.”

Additions / Removal of Items from Consent Agenda 00:00:59

Reports - Superintendent's Report #1 00:01:12

Focus on Success: United Sound Presentation - Jeremy Overbeck, Horizon and Century Orchestra Director, and orchestra students from Horizon Middle School will present information on the United Sound Program. United Sound is a peer mentoring group that pairs three orchestra students with a student in the special education program and teaches them how to play a string instrument.

Reports - Superintendent's Report #2 00:08:57

North Dakota Remedial Math Report: In response to the North Dakota University System data regarding the rates of BPS graduates needing to take remedial mathematics, a team of teachers and administrators from across the district will present information regarding the work of the K-12 Vertical Mathematics Alignment Team and other efforts taken to address student mathematic achievement.

Reports - Superintendent's Report #3 01:04:39

Safe Learning Environments: The Board requested information on safe learning environments. The Board guides expectations for discipline in several broad policies. Four policies will be examined tonight. Board policy is given “legs” in a school building through a discipline plan managed by a building team.

Reports - Superintendent's Report #4 02:11:04

Major Project Updates: Darin Scherr, Business and Operations Manager, will provide an update on major projects in the district.

Reports - Superintendent's Report #5 02:14:30

Enrollment Update: Elementary and secondary enrollment for the current school year as of February 8, 2018.

Reports - Board Response to Presentations 02:14:46

There were no presentations at the last meeting.

Consent Agenda 02:14:57

A. January 22, 2018 School Board Minutes; January 29, 2018 Special Meeting Minutes; February 5, 2018 Special Meeting Minutes; and February 9, 2018 Special Meeting Minutes; B. New Contract: A new contract has been issued to: Todd Fuehrer, Choir, Bismarck High School, $21,431 (80% contract); C. Retirements: Letters of retirement have been received from Janet Linquist, Communications, Simle Middle School; Anita Nelson, Physical Education, Simle Middle School; Carolyn Fischer, Grade 1, Grimsrud Elementary School; Margaret LoMurray, Family Advocate, BECEP; Allan Kary, Music, Simle Middle School; Lori Ronningen, Kindergarten, Lincoln Elementary School; Elise Freier, Grade 5, Rita Murphy Elementary School; and Adele Gabriel, Physical Education, Wachter Middle School, effective with the end of the 2017/2018 school year; D. Resignation: A letter of resignation has been received from Tamara Uselman, Superintendent; E. Middle School Change Orders: The first change order considers eliminating the acid waste piping and neutralizers at all three middle schools for a combined credit to the contract in the amount of $80,038.76. The second change order considers additional window flashing at an addition to the contract of $2,856.92 and eliminating countertops and brackets in the teacher prep rooms for a credit to the contract in the amount of $2,811.41.

Public Appearances (Maximum 30 minutes) 02:21:18

Unfinished Business - A. 02:21:53

Policy ABCC Wellness: Revised Policy ABCC was approved on first reading at the January 22, 2018 Board meeting.

New Business - A. 02:22:49

July 2018 – June 2019 Board Meeting Schedule.

New Business - B. 02:23:47

School Board Election.

New Business - C. 02:26:30

Middle School Furniture Bids.

New Business - D. 02:27:36

Century High School Flooring.

New Business - E. 02:28:53

Wachter Middle School Casework.

New Business - F. 02:29:36

Dorothy Moses Elementary School Roof Replacements.

General Information - A. 02:31:04

Head Start Policy Council and Board Report.

General Information - B. 02:32:05

2018 Election Deadlines.

Meeting Adjourned 02:33:26

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