Burleigh Commission Replay 2/5/18

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#1 00:00:06

Call to order, approval of the January meeting minutes, vouchers, journal vouchers, and filing fee reports.

#2 00:00:41

Deputy Auditor/Tax Equalization Director Vietmeier regarding consideration of the abatements.

#3 00:01:57

Jim Gray, West District Director/NDSU Extension Service, to discuss funding for AG Agent and/or Horticulturist position(s).

#4 00:38:48

Brent Ekstrom, Lewis & Clark Regional Development Council, to report on LCRDC activities and dues.

#5 00:50:29

James Landenberger, Burleigh County Water Resource District, to present update on the Fox Island Flood Control Project Public Information Meeting held on 1/8/18.

#6 00:57:00

County Engineer Hall to discuss and request approval of 2018 construction projects.

#7 - a. 01:15:13

Building Official-Director Ziegler: Zoning Ordinance Amendment related to Wind Turbine Setbacks (Article 8, Section 21).

#7 - b. 01:17:22

Building Official-Director Ziegler: Consideration of K & R Subdivision.

#7 - c. 01:19:54

Building Official-Director Ziegler: Discussion related to industrial development of the S½ of Section 19, Menoken Twp.

#8 01:38:06

Sheriff Heinert regarding monthly detention center report.

#9 01:41:29

Consent Agenda: a) Lost Instrument Surety Bonds; raffle permit application(s) – Driscoll Centennial Org.; b) Appointment of Kayla Casteel as an additional Deputy Coroner.

Other Business 01:41:45

Meeting Adjourned 01:46:01

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