Burleigh Water Resource District Replay 2/14/18

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Call Meeting to Order 00:00:04

Roll Call 00:00:11

Approval of 1-22-18 Minutes 00:00:25

Review & Approve 2018 Portfolios 00:00:48

Review & Approve Legal Fees & Agreement 00:01:42

McDowell Dam 00:02:40

•Water Permit Application (Pending); •McDowell Property negotiations (On-hold); •Breach Overlay District – Pending SWC response; •Policy for inventory Tags; •Extended Warranty for tractor.

Comments from Members of the Public 00:06:47

Financial Reports 00:08:47

•End of January.

Approval of Bills $25,301.84 00:09:40

Approval of MRCC Bills: $746.00 00:10:14

Approval of Fox Island Bills: $10, 383.50 00:10:48

Drainage Permits/Complaints/Issues 00:11:59

•Pavlicek – Apple Creek Floodplain – Memorandum (Beck/Gunsch) (action on hearing): •Krein - Letters of concurrence required from Pavlick and Burleigh County Highway Dept.; •Krein – Drainage Permit Application required to obtain OSE determination: •If letters not provided the Board to notify Krein original order will stand; •SWC requires application to be submitted for them to determine if a permit is required; •Jeff Schild, Noel Laxdal, Gary Christianson - Hay Creek Pines Drainage Complaints: •Memorandum on findings and recommendations - Notice and Order.; •Nina Bonanno – SEH on behalf of City of Lincoln – Apple Creek.

Projects 00:19:50

•(00:19:50) - Hay Creek Pines – Roadway and Groundwater Issues – Preliminary Engineering Report: •Stormwater Easements (Jeff Schild and Luke Steen) – On hold for project design; •ND Department of Health request for operating plan for review and approval: •Technical Meeting with Braun on compliance options.; •(00:21:17) - Missouri River Correctional Center Flood Control Project: •Operations and Maintenance Plan (Draft send out for comments); •Final Project Accounting; •Project close out and completion letter to ND State Engineer – February 2018; •(00:25:25) - Fox Island Status: •Project Meetings; •Township Roadway ROW - Easement Request; •USACE Section 408 (Pending) Garrison-Oahe Revetment Easements; •Plans and Specifications – Ready for permit submittal; •Landowner Levee Easements; •Temporary Construction Easements – Authorize second letter to affected residents; •Letter from States Attorney.

Other Old Business 00:36:06

•Policy Manual – REVISED Draft Update: •Subsurface Drain Tile Permitting; •Missouri River SOV’s and Section 408 Requests; •Policy on email communications.

Other Old Business 00:36:26

•Mitchell Lake Culvert.

Other Old Business 00:36:41

•Burnt Creek No hunting signs.

Other Old Business 00:38:42

•SWC 2019-21 Biennium Water Development Plan (McDowell Dam).

Other Old Business 00:38:49

•SOV S-2089 Letter to Hyder for project approval with conditions.

Correspondence or Document Information 00:39:31

•SOV S-2021B; •Dushinske & Jamison Scholarship; •Soil Health Workshop; •Plats & SWMP – Emailed – will be brought to meeting due to size of some: •Meadowlark Commercial 10th Addition; •Boulder Ridge Seventh Addition; •Huntingtron Cottages First Addition; •Hamburg Industrial Park Third Addition; •Silver Ranch First Addition First Replat; •Pending Final Plat for K&R Subdivision.

Executive Session 00:43:55

Meet with Board counsel on the status of Hay Creek Pines appeal and the status of Fox Island re-route proposal to County Commission.

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