Bismarck School Board Replay 1/8/18

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Call Meeting to Order 00:00:05

Roll Call 00:00:29

BPS Mission and Vision 00:00:42

BPS Mission: "All students will have the academic, social, and personal skills to be college, career, and community ready." BPS Vision: "Together, we inspire a passion for learning, discovery, and excellence.”

Additions / Removal of Items from Consent Agenda 00:01:08

Reports - Superintendent's Report #1 - a. 00:02:04

Focus on Success: (Item was added to the agenda) - BPS Foundation Donation.

Reports - Superintendent's Report #1 - b. 00:03:34

Focus on Success: District Parent Sexting Informational Meetings - Becky LaBella, Safety Coordinator, and Misti Werle, Library Media Director, will present information on the parent meetings on sexting that were held earlier this fall.

Reports - Superintendent's Report #2 00:14:53

Major Project Updates: Darin Scherr, Business and Operations Manager, will provide an update on major projects in the district.

Reports - Superintendent's Report #3 00:33:51

Financial Report: Darin Scherr will present the monthly financial report.

Reports - Superintendent's Report #4 00:38:21

Enrollment Update: Elementary and secondary enrollment for the current school year as of January 4, 2018.

Reports - Board Response to Presentations 00:38:59

Ann Richardson, Jennifer Nairn, and David Witham of the Bismarck Alliance for Neighborhood Schools spoke about their concerns with the elementary facilities planning. Germain Krueger, Liberty Elementary parent group, shared the group’s concerns about safe learning environments. Milt Rue, parent and member of the Elementary Facilities Planning Committee, clarified the work of the planning committee and the information utilized to make decisions.

Consent Agenda 00:53:25

A. December 11, 2017 School Board Minutes, December 20, 2017 Special Meeting Minutes, and January 4, 2018 Special Meeting Minutes; B. New Contracts have been issued to: Kristen Hahne, Physical Education, Wachter Middle School, $27,339 Riley Riehl, Special Education, Wachter Middle School, $24,927; C. Retirements: Letters of retirement have been received from Gerald Ziemann, Physical Education, Horizon Middle School; Denise Schuh, Social Studies, Bismarck High School; and Beth Urlacher, Grade 4, Dorothy Moses Elementary School, effective with the end of the 2017/2018 school year; D. Resignation from Deb Steffeck, Grade 6 Social Studies, Horizon Middle School.

Public Appearances (Maximum 30 minutes) 00:54:25

Nick Simonson will present information on the Clay target League.

Unfinished Business - A., B. C. & D. 01:19:21

A. Policy FFK Suspension and Expulsion; B, Administrative Rule FFK-AR Suspension and Expulsion; C. Exhibit FFK-E1 Suggested Expulsion Hearing Process for Students in General Education; D. Exhibit FFK-E2 Suggested Expulsion Hearing Process for Students Receiving Special Education Services.

New Business - A. 01:24:24

New Course Approvals.

New Business - B. 02:00:33

Century High School Bids.

New Business - C. 02:01:42

Policy Purchasing Authority.

General Information - A. 02:04:12

2018 Election Deadlines.

General Information - B. 02:04:33

Kindergarten Registration.

Executive Sessions 02:04:46

A. Executive Session for the Purpose of Attorney Consultation Background Information: Executive Session pursuant to North Dakota Century Code Section 44-04-19.1(9) for the purpose of attorney consultation related to threatened legal action regarding compliance with the negotiated agreement; B. Executive Session for the Purpose of Negotiation Background Information: Executive Session pursuant to North Dakota Century Code Section 44-04-19.1(9) for the purpose of discussing negotiating strategy and to provide negotiating instructions regarding the sale of the Saxvik property.

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