Burleigh Commission Replay 1/3/18

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#1 00:00:07

Call to order, board reorganization (election of chair & vice-chair), assignment of portfolios, etc.

#2 00:03:35

Approval of the December meeting minutes, vouchers, journal vouchers, and filing fee reports.

#3 00:04:15

Deputy Auditor/Tax Equalization Director Vietmeier regarding consideration of the abatements.

#4 - a. 00:11:41

County Engineer Hall regarding: Authorization to advertise for bids for: Painted Pavement Markings, Furnishing Concrete and Metal Culverts, Crushing of Gravel, Township Gravel Hauling, Dust Control, and Chip Seal projects.

#4 - b. 00:12:35

County Engineer Hall regarding: Authorize advertisement of bids for Haying and Grazing of County Property.

#5 00:16:56

Sheriff Heinert monthly detention center report.

#6 00:19:14

Communications Director Dannenfelzer regarding CenCom Public Safety Software Financing.

Amelia Doll 00:24:36

Regarding a point 8 Horticulture position with NDSU Extension (Burleigh County).

Consent Agenda 00:53:25

a) Designation of public depositories, review & approval of security pledges; b) Resolution authorizing County Auditor/Treasurer to make payment upon demand for all invoices and claims for utility services, gas, fuel, and oil (per Bill Payment Policy); c) Lost Instrument Surety Bonds to replace lost check, Raffle\Bingo Permits\Site Authorization; d) Official recognition of January 21 – 27, 2018 as School Choice Week in Burleigh County.

Other Business 00:53:42

Board Appointment – County Planning Commission: unexpired term ending 12/31/19.

Meeting Adjourned 00:58:22

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