Burleigh Commission Replay 8/7/17

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Call Meeting to Order 00:00:09

Call to order, approval of the July meeting minutes, vouchers, journal vouchers and filing fee reports.

a. Public Hearing 00:01:01

Continuation -- Petition to vacate section line described as follows: a tract of land being 66 feet wide and part of the NE1/4 of Section 1, Township 139 North, Range 81 West, Hay Creek Township and the SE1/4 of Section 36, Township 140 North, Range 81 West, Riverview Township, being 33 feet on either side of the following described section line: beginning at a point 393.49 feet west of the northeast corner of Section 1, Township 139 North, Range 81 West, Hay Creek Township and continuing west a distance of 1400.96 feet to point of termination.

b. Public Hearing 00:02:07

Plat Modification – combining of Lots 1 – 3, Block 1, Yvonne’s Subdivision.

c. Public Hearing 00:03:46

Plat Modification – splitting of Lot 9, Block 2, Welle Subdivision.

d. Public Hearing 00:21:31

Plat Modification – removal of non-access line; Lot 4, Harvest Meadows Subdivision.

Sheriff Heinert 01:06:30

regarding monthly Detention Center.

Auditor/Treasurer Glatt 01:16:45

to present information related to election administration.

Other Business - Item A 01:41:44

Authorize contract with SpyGlass for review of local, long distance, data, and mobile phone usage and potential savings.

Other Business - Item B 01:49:39

Board Appointments: Social Service Board (1); Water Resource District (1).

Consent Agenda 01:53:59

a. Abatements; b. Authorize call for public hearing for Special Assessment District # 59, and MIDA Bond issuance for the Baptist Apartments; c. Raffle permit applications/gaming site authorization: Grace Lutheran Church, UTTC; d. SE license applications: Flash’s Place (Ft. Rice Twp. - Wedding Dance); e. Lost instrument surety bonds: Ck#102264 ($417.68); Ck#107135 ($9,046.17); Ck#102769 ($67.15); Ck#102937 ($146.37); f. Authorization to publish Weed Cutting Notice.

Meeting Adjourned 01:54:26

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