Mandan City Commission Replay 8/1/17

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Roll Call 00:00:17

Minutes 00:00:27

Consider approval of the following Board of City Commission Regular meetings: July 11, 2017; July 18, 2017.

Public Hearing 00:01:09

Conduct a public hearing to consider rezoning for Lot 1, Block 1 of the replat of Lots 1 & 2 Block 1 West Bay Estates 3rd Addition to remove restrictions on uses in this CC district.

Resolutions & Ordinances - Item 1 00:03:10

Consider approval of Ordinance 1269 rezoning Lot 1, Block 1 of the replat of Lots 1 & 2 Block 1 West Bay Estates 3rd Addition to remove restrictions on uses in this CC district.

Consent Agenda - Items 1 - 4 and 6 - 9 00:04:02

1. Consider for approval replat of Lot 4, Block 2, Meadow Ridge 3rd Addition; 2. Consider approval of DOT Cost Participation and Maintenance (CPM) agreement for their Intelligent Transportation System project; 3. Consider approval of PD travel/Training requests; 4. Consider Proclaiming November 1, 2017 as “Extra Mile Day” in the City of Mandan; 6. Consider approval of an MOU with ND Court System of the Odyssey Case Management System; 7. Consider for approval plat of Wild Subdivision; 8. Consider Change Order to add a mill and overlay to sections of Sunset Dr. and Old Red Trail to the Old Red Trail widening project currently under construction; 9. Consider approval of an Engineering Service Agreement with Wenck and Associates for the rebid of the Mandan Industrial Park Street Improvement District.

Consent Agenda - Item 5 00:06:12

Consider creation of a Human Resources Portfolio and appoint a commissioner.

New Business - Item 1 00:07:55

Consider approval of a contract for services with Icon Architectural Group in connection with a W Main redevelopment plan.

New Business - Item 2 00:15:24

Consider Visitors Promotion Fund Committee recommendation for a phase II wayfinding sign project.

New Business - Item 3 00:30:18

Consider Renaissance Zone Committee recommendation for a leasehold improvement project by Dialectic Brewing Company, LLC for 416 W Main St.

New Business - Item 4 00:39:28

Report of recommendations provided by Planning and Zoning Commission regarding medical marijuana and recommended actions.

Resolutions & Ordinances - Item 2 00:44:43

Consider Second Consideration and Final Passage of Ordinance No. 1267 – An Ordinance to Amend and Re-enact Section 14-5 of the Mandan Code of Ordinances Relating to Crime Victim and Witness Programs.

Resolutions & Ordinances - Item 3 00:45:34

Consider the introduction and first consideration, and call for a public hearing of Ordinance No. 1268 making the annual appropriations for expenditures or expenses of the City of Mandan, North Dakota, for the fiscal year commencing January 1, 2018, and ending December 31, 2018, and making the annual tax levy for the year 2017.

Future Meeting Dates 01:22:52

August 15, 2017; September 5, 2017 (5 p.m.); September 19, 2017.

Adjourn 01:23:05

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