Community Access

Channel 12 and Channel 612 (High Definition)


Art View (arTView) - Dakota Media Access

Experience the arts with host, Daphne Ghorbani. A variety of artists and arts organizations are featured on this captivating program designed to explore dance, music, visual and theater opportunities and talents in the Bismarck area. Co-produced by Dakota West Arts Council, North Dakota Council on the Arts and Dakota Media Access.

Destination Pets - Dakota Media Access

Watch as charming, volunteer host Rig Olsen and his two, four, and six-legged guests explore the challenges and rewards of raising pets in the Bismarck area. Get expert advice on caring for pets, pet etiquette, choosing a pet and more. Co-produced by the Central Dakota Humane Society, their adoptable animals and Dakota Media Access.

Prebys On Music - Dakota Media Access

Host Scott Prebys explores the world of music performance with regional and nationally-known music personalities. His guests share their talent and informally discuss their cultural contributions in a wide variety of musical settings within the classical, jazz, and contemporary genres. Produced by Dakota Media Access.

Reel Retro - Dakota Media Access

“Reel Retro” is a nostalgic presentation which brings viewers back to the day when cartoons and newsreels were part of the total movie experience. Host Jackson Bird, along with his guest co-host, provide background, trivia and witty banter on a featured public domain film. Produced by Dakota Media Access.